Connect Plus Therapy

Our Process

Connect Plus Therapy provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other behavioral concerns. Due to changes in legislation, most health insurance plans cover ABA services to children with ASD.  We currently provide these services throughout Southern NJ, the Greater Philadelphia Area and Southern Florida. 

Our home and community-based ABA services are person centered and family driven. We take the time to do an intensive planning process to focus on the socially relevant goals personalized to your child’s needs. We work together with early intervention teams, special educators, and other related service providers in your child’s life to promote a whole-person approach to treatment.  CPT currently serves children as young as 18 months of age through adulthood. 

Areas of Focus in Assessments
  • Language (Receptive/Expressive)
  • Social Communication (more complex language)
  • Social Skills
  • Fine Motor (functional)
  • Gross Motor (functional)
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Behavior Reduction
  • Joint Attention
  • Rigidity/Inflexibility
  • Play
  • Imitation
  • Cognition
  • Health & Safety
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Self-Management
  • Community Participation
What our families can expect...

Once we confirm benefits, our intake team will request authorization for services

Our Clinical Team will conduct the Assessment process and Develop a Treatment Plan.

Next, a schedule of therapy is executed that takes into consideration the family’s priorities and optimal therapy times to address meaningful goals.

The team engages in a thorough reassessment during which progress is summarized and new goals are developed.

Treatments for a Child with ASD

Intensive ABA one-on-one therapy or group therapy to teach new skills

Implementation of a behavior plan to reduce behaviors of concern if needed

Play based therapy using Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Use of the Early Start Denver Model Checklist for developmentally sensitive assessment

Community inclusion with structured goals

Development of vocational and pre-vocational programming for teens and preteens

Social Skills Groups for adults and children


  • Parent Education Support Center
  • On-site and in-home parent training and coaching
  • Use of a Formal Parent Training Curriculum – ABA Parent Training Curriculum by Heather Gillmore
  • Social Worker support
  • Parent Support Group
  • QBS: Safety Care for Families
  • Regular webinars and workshops
  • Coming Soon: Sibshop – Working with siblings in a fun and dynamic environment
  • Sleep Hygiene 
  • Toilet Training
  • Personal Independence: dressing, meal prep, pre vocational skills, etc
  • Verbal Behavior
  • Treatment of Selective Eating/ Food aversion
  • Support across home, school and community
  • Play and Social Skills
  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Functional Analysis
  • Differential Reinforcement
  • Natural Environment Teaching
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Group Programming
  • Early Start Denver Model
  • Play skills
  • Play Imitation Cognition
  • Health & Safety Skills
  • Self Advocacy
  • Community Participation
  • Camp Connect
  • Growing Green Farmer’s Market Program
  • Connect Plus Kids Club
  • Social skills groups
Evidence Based Assesment Tools

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) use evidence-based assessment tools (including but not limited to ABAS, VB-MAPP, AFLLS, ABLLS, ESDM, Skillstreaming) to treat a variety of behavioral areas.  The use of these assessment tools guides our BCBAs in choosing how to best devise a program for your child.  Your child’s BCBA will work with you as the parent to learn more about your family’s needs and goals and how we can help improve your child’s life.

ABA Services We Provide

In Home





Parent Training

Social Skills Group