Connect Plus Therapy


Connect Plus Therapy is now providing
Telehealth and Virtual Consultations by BCBA's

Connect Plus Therapy is now providing Telehealth! Stopping services altogether can cause a major setback to your child’s progress. We are committed to providing continued care during this time. If we can’t be together in person, then we would like to provide  services via Telehealth until we can be together again.

Do you need help with your child's...

Communication skills?
Play skills?
Toilet training?
Sleeping better?
Self management?
Skills organization? 
Home schooling?
Private Pay Options available for CPT and non CPT clients
Is the quarantine having a negative effect on your child’s behavior?
Is your child experiencing regression…?
Are you seeing an increase in sibling rivalry…?
Connect Plus Therapy is here to help! Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts are offering virtual behavior support through a Telehealth model.
Additional Telehealth Forms