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Telehealth Information


Telehealth Resources for Connect Plus Therapy Clients

Please note that this page will be updated frequently with common Q & A’s and new required form links that you will be required to fill out.  Please note that we will send you updated emails as needed.  However, you can always check for new updates here on this page.  If you have more questions, please email naitiana@connectplustherapy.com.  We are here to support any questions that you may have .

Please note that not all insurance plans have given the clearance to use Telehealth for ABA.  Each client will be notified individually if and when we can start services.


Forms required for Telehealth Services

  1. Telehealth Waiver
  2. Continuation of Services Waiver

Please download the HIPPA Compliant VSee Messenger App on the devices you will be using for Telehealth.

Shareable CPT Link Download VSee

Please email Naitiana@connectplustherapy.com for the How To guide download