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Strong assessment leads to effective treatment. We believe in using tools that point to where supports are needed as well as identify the child’s strengths. The results of our assessment process serve as a  foundation for powerful therapy.

Our choice of assessment is primarily determined by the family’s desire for a treatment focus.

  • For early learners, we typically use the ESDM Checklist in coordination with the VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program) which provides a thorough analysis of your child’s communicative functioning.
  • For a view of a wider range of skills, we utilize the Essential for Living.
  • If your child is transitioning into vocational planning or community integration, we use the AFLS (Assessment of Functional Living Skills).

We also employ such tools as:

  • Social skills rating scales
  • Functional augmentative communication assessments
  • Educational tools such as Developmental Reading and Math Fluency Assessments

As Behavior Analysts, we are also skilled in conducting a thorough Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) in order to determine the function or why a child is engaging in a particular behavior of concern. This process leads to creating a Behavior Support Plan (BSP) to supplement teaching and acquisition programs.