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Connect Plus Services

First We Assess

  • Thorough assessment of behavioral, social and adaptive skills
  • Our team collaborates on all cases including a Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor, BCBA and multiple BT/RBT staff with a highly communicative approach to treatment
  • Transdisciplinary teaming with other professionals working with the client

Treatments for a Child with ASD

  • Intensive ABA one-on-one therapy to teach new skills
  • Implementation of Behavior Plan to reduce behaviors of concern
  • Use of a unique Cognitive Behavior Therapy/Behavior Skills Training (BST) approach to social skills instruction called POWER-Solving and AIM
  • Play based therapy using Natural Environment Teaching (NET)
  • Use of the Early Start Denver Model Checklist for developmentally sensitive assessment
  • Community inclusion with structured goals
  • Development of pre-vocational programming that is functional and meaningful to the client

Family Support

  • On-site parent training and coaching
  • Parent Education Support Center
  • Coming soon: SibShop – Working with the siblings in a fun and dynamic enviornment
  • Webinars

Daily Living Skills Training

  • Sleep Hygiene Program to improve client’s sleep quality
  • Toilet Training, both traditional and intensive approaches
  • Feeding Program to expand the variety and amount of foods eaten
  • Vocational Instruction