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Functional Behavior Assesments

A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is an assessment that clearly identifies specific target behavior(s) and the reason behind that behavior (or the “function”). Some behaviors may have more than one function. FBAs can be thought of as a tool used by a BCBA to figure out why your child is doing what (s)he is doing. Once your child’s BCBA figures that piece of the puzzle out, the BCBA can provide functionally-based treatment recommendations.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science through which socially meaningful changes are made to your child’s life. Simply put, ABA is the technology used by our BCBAs and Behavior Technicians to help your child achieve his or her greatest potential.

Summer Camp

Connect Plus offers two summer camps! “Camp Connect” is offered in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The status of 2020 camp is unknown due to covid-19]

Parent Training

Our BCBAs and Behavior Technicians work hard for your child and want to provide you, the parent, with the skillset you need to continue helping your child when we can’t be there. It is crucial to your child’s success to have a team of adults who are all on the same page. Parent and caregiver training is part of every CPT client’s treatment plan.

Social Skills Groups

In addition to your child’s time with his or her Behavior Technician and BCBA, your child’s BCBA may also recommend social skills groups as part of the treatment plan. This involves your child attending the social skills group, in person or via telehealth, on a recurring basis with other CPT clients to promote prosocial behavior.

Educational Services

We go into schools, too! If your child has a need for our services in their school, please let your child’s BCBA know and let us take care of the rest.

Superior BCBA
Clinical Supervision

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In the Community

One of the biggest challenges parents of children with ASD report is difficulty in the community. Our BCBAs can develop community-based goals and programming. Your child’s BCBA and Behavior Technician can support you in the community in addition to your home.

Family and Individual
In-Home ABA Therapy


Family ABA Therapy

Home Based Therapy

Center Based Therapy

Functional Behavior Assessment

School and IEP Consultation

Functional Skill Acquisition & Social Skill Development

Education and training on ABA principles and best practices in working with a child with Autism

Behavior Reduction, Intervention and Strategies

Discrete Trial Training

Natural Environment Teaching


Supervision Hours for BCBAs available

Clinical Team in Office

Highly trained Behavioral Technicians

BCBA Supervision

Collaborative Partnerships

Social Skills GroupsAutism Summer Camp


Staff Trainings

Safety Care Training for families 

Community Outings

Support in daycares and other settings 

Parent Support Groups

Play Venues and Event Memberships

Free Events

Social Worker Support

Parent Training