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Plants for Autism

“Venus Fly Trap Flower Power” is the name the
Connect Plus Students gave their Flower Show contest name

December 2018

Spearheaded by our very own Connect Plus Behavioral Technician Kasey Williams

The Philadelphia Flower Show is a horticultural event that happens every year at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  Many people from all over the world come to visit, and some even enter their own plants!  It is a week long celebration for individuals who enjoy any type of flowers, plants, and landscaping.

This year, our new team will be entering our plants that we will be growing.  We have 14 weeks until the first day of the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show.  In this time our team will get 3 plants per person and learn how to properly care for each.  We will need to use the internet for some of this process.  We will create an user account for the Flower Show, and look up some proper care facts for our plants.  We will also be responsible for making sure the plants get enough water and the correct sunlight.  As a team we will support each other, give words of encouragement, and work together.  By working as a team, we will earn the privilege of entering our plants into the show.  

Like most things in life there will be guidelines to follow for entering plants into the Philadelphia Flower Show.  These guidelines will be discussed and reviewed many times before we go to the Flower Show.  When we have any questions we will work as a team to resolve any issues.

This is the greenhouse view from my desk. 
The kids gave me permission to water them if they look a little dry (which I did today :))

Week 1- 11/27/18

Today, our new group met for the first time.  At our official meet and greet we discussed any and all issues pertaining to our projects and goals.  We even came up with our team name! We are now known as “Connect Plus Venus Flytrap Flower Power.” We love this name and all the camaraderie it brings to the table.  After our meet and greet, it was time to get right to work. We only have 14 weeks until the Flower Show and there are many tasks at hand. As a team, we started the research necessary for the 3 plants that we are growing.  We found the proper sunlight needed, and watering schedules. We then set up shop and potted our plants. One of our participants made a fantastic plant recommendation for our group. Upon an unanimous vote we decided our team truly needed just one more plant.  A Venus Flytrap naturally. Together we looked online for which will be the best purchase and it will be ordered this week.

Week 2- 12/4/18

This week’s opening discussion was an overall review of our end goal; to enter our plants into the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show and all that encompasses.  Together we researched some images online to get a better picture of what to expect at the flower show. We noticed how grand the flower show is and how we will really need to work as a team to be successful.  This ended up being another discussion about characteristics for positive teamwork. Each person in “Connect Plus Venus Flytrap Flower Power” named at least one positive attribute that will help our growing group.  After our words of encouragement, we got back to work. We tended to our plants and did any necessary grooming. We also moved them to a big beautiful window with plenty of sunlight where they will stay until the Flower Show.  We added heat lamps to give the plants a little boost during the next several weeks as they do require full sun. The chosen plants are as follows: Aloe Vera, Jade, Venus Flytrap, and Amaryllis. The Venus Flytrap will be set up next week and the Amaryllis in the near future.  We also researched how to “root” a plant this week. We had an old Iresine plant laying around and demonstrated how to propagate it. We stuck our branch clippings in some water and will revisit them next week to see what happened!